Through the clouds and the smoke

            come the Bucintoros

floating on pillars of marble

floating on azures

            on gold

carried by the gauzy raiment

            of cherubs and seraphim

charged with the magnetic pull of angels

the animal force of winged lions 


They fight in the stomach of the world

they struggle in the minds of creators

they return to impossible palaces

decorated by the hands of demigods

they dance en masse

            in the antechambers of Paradise

they call to the saints

            and the saints approach

they mingle in a nebulous firmament

            bodies entwined

eyes illuminated with a Dostoevskian ecstasy

they reach with towers and bridges

            into the skies

            across the waters

they reach into the vast

            golden interiors of eternal space

            with the fervor of pilgrims

            peopling their dreams

            with a zoo of holy creatures

they dance with masks

            and bow to nothing

            save the fallen stars of Earth

they calculate the laws and forces

            of the universe

            and turn them into visions

            rich with harmony

they worship with their minds and bodies

            with the heartís keen sense

            of Godís desire. 


In every particle of faith applied

            in every color

            every feel of shape

            every kind of light

            that fills the eyes

            they bask and meditate

nothing human is beneath them

in the darkness they torment each other

without mercy they fight

and the saints do not frown

            when they pray

they lie down on beds of jewel-encrusted crosses

they shut their eyes

            and survey their kingdoms

they moan in their sleep

            and give commands

            to their senses

the bells ring once again

            and they awake

            to the everlasting thought

            that truth is beauty.


Venice, Oct, 22, 1994 



All images and text copyrighted.  All rights reserved.  ©  Copyright 2002 David Wiley.